Isabel Gotzkowsky and Friends and the Crossover Projekt

We wish all of our friends, Berlin-, Germany- and U.S.-wide, a wonderful and spirited holiday season and a very happy New Year!

We are happy to announce our already successful Crossover Projekt and would like to invite you to take a look at the Crossover website:

The Crossover Projekt….
is being initiated to offer young dancers, fresh out of school, the opportunity to gain first professional experience in the creation and performance of new dance work. In addition to Isabel's choreography, we invited guest choreographers to work with our dancers to broaden the spectrum of their experience and to initiate a network of artists that goes beyond the events that connects them initially.

To that end, we worked with 11 dancers, 5 from Hamburg and 6 from Berlin and 7 guest-choreographers to perform in 3 cities with a total of 8 performances, all between March 13 and April 12, 2014.

We were able to score some additional performances at Ponec in Prague, this week at the Kemptener TANZHerbst (October 17) and at Tanzprobebühne marameo in Berlin (November1).

We are thrilled to announce that for the next round, taking place in 2015, we have invited 12 dancers from 8 nations, who will be working with a total of six choreographers to create two different programs. More information will be posted soon.

Please notice our page: IGaF in Europe, just below Current Events. There you can find all the information about our activities in Europe.

Watch excerpts of SHARE: Chapter 1 performance here.....